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Title: Act for the Establishment and Management of Free trade zones CH
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Chapter IV Autonomous Management of Free-trade-zone enterprises
Article 18
A free-trade-zone enterprise shall implement such autonomous goods management as goods as goods control and management, on-line customs clearance, and accounting activities.
In handling the storage, release, sorting, processing, manufacturing, or theft of goods, and/or damages, the free-trade-zone enterprise shall, in accordance with the nature of the operation involved, perform autonomous management on the booking, de-booking, destruction after verification, de-booking after payment of tax on credit, assessment and exemption of tax, and other account-related transactions.
With respect to the control and management of the goods, the free-trade-zone enterprise, the relevant warehouses within the free trade zone, and the gate-guards of the free trade zone shall, in accordance with the nature of circulation of the goods concerned, perform autonomous management on electronic data transmission, data keeping, storage and release of goods, change reporting, and other goods control related matters and activities.
Article 19
The customs office may team up a combined audit taskforce to conduct inspection of the autonomous management being performed by a free-trade-zone enterprise in respect of its goods control and management, on-line computerized customs clearance, and other account-related operations, and may also conduct physical inventory of the goods involved, to which the free-trade-zone enterprise shall not evade, hinder or refuse.
Article 20
A free-trade-zone enterprise shall, conduct an annual stock-check of the inventory in each year, and shall, within one month after completion of the check, submit to the customs for record the inventory list and the settlement statement. The foregoing deadline may be extended for an additional month when necessary upon an extension application filed prior to the expiration of the deadline.
If the result of the check of the inventory either in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph by the free-trade-zone enterprise reveals that the quantity of the goods is more than the booked, the make up quantity shall be entered into the book, while an application shall be filed with the customs for payment of the duty on credit is less than that booked.