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Chapter 8 Supplementary Provisions
Article 49
The judicial Yuan shall prescribe the time limit for trials adjudicated by the Juvenile and Family Court.
Article 50
Issues not addressed herein shall be governed by the Court Organization Act and other applicable laws.
Article 51
This Act is applicable mutatis mutandis to Juvenile and Family Court Branches, and to juvenile courts division and family courts division of the District Court in the regions where a Juvenile and Family Court is not available.
Article 52
The Juvenile and Family Court is established during the implementation of the annual budget. All expenses required for the allocation of manpower, transferring of staff and business shall be dealt with through adjustments in the original budget of the transferring agency, and are not subject to the stipulations of Article 62 and Article 63 of the Budget Act.
Article 53
The Judicial Yuan shall mandate the enforcement date of this Act.