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Chapter 5 The Judicial Year and the Allocation of Assignments
Article 32
A judicial year shall start on January 1 and end on December 31 of the same year.
Article 33
The Judicial Yuan shall prescribe the administrative procedures and regulations for the Juvenile and Family Court.
Article 34
The Juvenile and Family Court shall convene meetings that include the participation of the President, Division-Chief Judges and Judges before the end of a Judicial Year to set forth the allocation of assignments and the order of rotation for the next judicial year in accordance with the administrative procedures and regulations of other legal provisions.
The meetings as prescribed in the preceding Paragraph shall also set forth the sitting sequence of Judges in collegial trials for the next Judicial Year.
Article 35
The President shall act as chairman of the meeting prescribed in the preceding Article. The resolutions of the meeting shall be passed with majority votes. The chairman shall decide whether a resolution shall be passed in the event of a tie.
Article 36
If it is necessary to change the pre-determined allocation of assignments, order of rotation, or sitting sequence of Judges in collegial trials because of an event, and an increase or decrease in the number of Judges, or other changes are required, the President may make a decision regarding the adjustment after consulting with the Division-Chief Judges and Judges.