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Chapter XIII. Fundamental National Policies
Section 4. Social Security
Article 152
The State shall provide suitable opportunity for work to people who are able to work.
Article 153
The State, in order to improve the livelihood of laborers and farmers and to improve their productive skill, shall enact laws and carry out policies for their protection.
Women and children engaged in labor shall, according to their age and physical condition, be accorded special protection.
Article 154
Capital and labor shall, in accordance with the principle of harmony and cooperation, promote productive enterprises. Conciliation and arbitration of disputes between capital and labor shall be prescribed by law.
Article 155
The State, in order to promote social welfare, shall establish a social insurance system. To the aged and the infirm who are unable to earn a living, and to victims of unusual calamities, the State shall give appropriate assistance and relief.
Article 156
The State, in order to consolidate the foundation of national existence and development, shall protect motherhood and carry out the policy of promoting the welfare of women and children.
Article 157
The State, in order to improve national health, shall establish extensive services for sanitation and health protection, and a system of public medical service.