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Chapter XI. System of Local Government
Section 1. The Province
Article 112
A province may convoke a provincial assembly to enact, in accordance with the General Principles of Provincial and Hsien Self-Government, regulations, provided the said regulations are not in conflict with the Constitution.
The organization of the provincial assembly and the election of the delegates shall be prescribed by law.
Article 113
The Provincial Self-Government Regulations shall include the following provisions:
1. In the province, there shall be a provincial council. Members of the provincial council shall be elected by the people of the province.
2. In the province, there shall be a provincial government with a provincial governor who shall be elected by the people of the province.
3. Relationship between the province and the hsien. The legislative power of the province shall be exercised by the Provincial Council.
Article 114
The Provincial Self-Government Regulations shall, after enactment, be forthwith submitted to the Judicial Yuan. The Judicial Yuan, if it deems any part thereof unconstitutional, shall declare null and void the articles repugnant to the Constitution.
Article 115
If, during the enforcement of the Provincial Self-Government Regulations, there should arise any serious obstacle in the application of any of the articles contained therein, the Judicial Yuan shall first summon the various parties concerned to present their views; and thereupon the Presidents of the Executive Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan and Control Yuan shall form a Committee, with the President of the Judicial Yuan as Chairman, to propose a formula for solution.
Article 116
Provincial rules and regulations that are in conflict with national laws shall be null and void.
Article 117
When doubt arises as to whether or not there is a conflict between provincial rules or regulations and national laws, interpretation thereon shall be made by the Judicial Yuan.
Article 118
The self-government of municipalities under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan shall be prescribed by law.
Article 119
The local self-government system of the Mongolian Leagues and Banners shall be prescribed by law.
Article 120
The self-government system of Tibet shall be safeguarded.