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Chapter Law Content

Article 7
With the exception of the following program types, television business may conduct product placement marketing:
1.News Programs.
2.Children’s Programs.
Article 8
Television businesses shall be forbidden from conducting product placement marketing for the following products, trademarks or services, unless otherwise stipulated by law:
3.International matchmaking.
4.Prescription medicine or medicine designated by central competent health authorities.
5.Illegal commodities and services.
6.Other commodities forbidden from advertising by law.
Article 9
Where the programs broadcast by a television business are identified as making use of placement marketing, the production and broadcasting of relevant content shall be included naturally in the program content and shall not include any of the following actions:
1.Purposefully altering the editing of program content.
2.Direct encouragement of the purchase of a product or service.
3.Exaggeration of the effect of a product or service.
4.Overexposes the product, trademark or service.
Article 10
Where the program broadcast by a television business is identified as having placement marketing, the name or trademark of the vendor shall be explicitly revealed before or after the said program; such displayed information shall not considered as advertising time.
The displayed information in the preceding paragraph shall not contain any advertisement and shall not exceed twenty seconds.
Television businesses that fail to reveal the aforementioned information before or after the broadcasting of the program, but rather displays content in the form of an advertisement shall be dealt with according to Article 3 to 6.
Article 11
The program broadcast by a television business shall not be deemed as having placement marketing where the television business does not gain any profit from the product, trademark or service placed in the program in any of the following circumstances:
1.The product, trademark or service in the program is identified as reasonable material for the production of the program.
2.The program is produced by a foreign company and no post-production has been made by the television business.
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