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Chapter Law Content

Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1
The Act is enacted to provide vocational training for developing skilled workforce for national construction, advancing work skills and promoting employment for the nationals.
Article 2
The competent authority referred to in the Act is the Ministry of Labor at the central level, the municipal government at the municipal level, and the county/city government at the county/city level.
Article 3
The vocational training referred to in the Act is the training provided in accordance with the Act for developing and advancing work skills.
The implementation of vocational training can be categorized as rudimentary training, apprentice training, upgrading training, and job-transfer training.
The competent authority may entrust its subordinated agencies (institutions) or commission vocational training institutions, relevant agencies (institutions), schools, organizations, or business entities to provide rudimentary training and job-transfer training referred to in the preceding paragraph.
Regulations concerning the qualifications, methods and other matters of compliance of being entrusted and commissioned to provide vocational training referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed by the Central Competent Authority.
Article 4
Vocational training shall be implemented in association with vocational education, supplementary education and employment services.
Article 4-1
The Central Competent Authority shall coordinate and integrate the competency standards, training courses, ability evaluation criteria and service information of vocational training provided by other central competent authorities of related business to promote the vocational training and skills certification needed for national employment.
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