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Chapter Law Content

Chapter I - General Provisions
Article 1
These Regulations are enacted pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 6 of Article 13 of the Foreign Trade Act.
Article 2
Export and import of strategic high-tech commodities shall be governed by these Regulations. With regard to matters pertaining to the export and import of strategic high-tech commodities not provided for in these Regulations, the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations shall govern.
Article 3
Regarding these regulations of the competent authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), such affairs shall be implemented by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA (hereafter referred to as BOFT).
When necessary, the competent authority may appoint a government authority or entrust an other government authority (agency) with management of export and import or other business matters.
Article 4
Article 5
In order to meet the need to control exports and imports of strategic high-tech commodities, the MOEA shall, in conjunction with relevant government authorities (agencies), form a task force with exclusive responsibility to handle the following matters:
1. Making determinations as to suspected exports/imports of strategic high-tech commodities;
2. To verify and investigate the destination and purpose of exports/imports of strategic high-tech commodities.
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