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Chapter Law Content

Title: Detention Act CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Chapter 6 Provisions and Supplies
Article 41
To maintain the physical health of defendants, a detention center shall provide food, necessary clothes, bedding, goods, and other utensils.
A defendant may request the detention center to provide proper food and drink due to religious beliefs or other factors.
Article 42
The food, clothing, and necessary items for children of defendants brought into or born in the detention center must be prepared by defendants; where a defendant is unable to provide such necessities, they may be prepared by the detention center.
Article 43
Defendants are not allowed to have alcoholic drinks and betel nuts.
A detention center may allow defendants to smoke cigarettes at a designated place during designated time, and should educate defendants about and publicize the hazards of smoking, while providing suitable incentives for defendants to quit smoking.
Regulations governing the qualifications of defendant, time, place, facility, and quantity for smoking, tobacco hazard prevention education and campaign, smoking cessation programs, and incentives mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and other requirements shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Justice.
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