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Chapter Law Content

Title: Insurance Act CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter VI. Supplementary Provisions
Article 174
(Prescription of Social Insurance)
Social insurance is to be separately prescribed by an act of law.
Article 174-1
(Establishment of a Specialized Court Division or Designation of a Specific Person for Trial of Criminal Cases)
A court may establish a specialized division or designate a specific person(s) to try criminal cases involving violation of this Act.
Article 175
(Enforcement Rules)
Enforcement Rules to this Act shall be prescribed by the competent authority.
Article 175-1
(Signing of Treaties or Agreements for Cooperation)
In order to further international cooperation between the competent insurance authorities of the ROC government and foreign countries, the ROC government and agencies (or institutions) authorized by it may, based on the principle of reciprocity, enter into a cooperative treaty or agreement with a foreign government or agency (institution), or with an international organization, to facilitate matters such as information exchange, technical cooperation, and investigative assistance.
Unless such action otherwise conflicts with the interests of the state or the rights of the insurance-buying public, the competent authority may, in accordance with the treaty or agreement made pursuant to the preceding paragraph, request the provision of necessary information from related authorities and agencies (institutions) in accordance with the law, and based on the principles of reciprocity and confidentiality, provide such information to the foreign government, agency (institution), or international organization which has executed the given treaty or agreement with the ROC government.
Article 176
(Content Required to Be Specified in the Regulations Governing the Administration of Insurance Enterprises)
The establishment, registration, transfer, merger, and dissolution and rehabilitation of insurance enterprises shall, in addition to being carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Company Act, be further subject to detailed procedures set forth in the Regulations Governing the Administration of Insurance Enterprises.
Article 177
(Regulations Governing the Management of Insurance Solicitors)
Regulations governing compliance matters concerning insurance solicitors(including the obtaining of qualifications, registration, voidance or revocation of registration, education, training, and disciplinary matters) shall be set forth by the competent authority.
Article 177-1
(Specific Scope for Collecting and Processing Personal Information)
An person that complies with any of the subparagraphs below may collect, process or use personal information such as medical records, medical treatment or health examination of individuals, with the written consent of the principal party:
1. Insurance enterprises, insurance agents, brokers, and surveyors that operate or practice business in accordance with the Act.
2. Juristic persons commissioned by insurance enterprises to provide assistance in confirming or performing their obligations under an insurance contract.
3. Insurance related foundations established with the permission of the competent authority to handle disputes and matters relating to compensation for victims of motor vehicle accident s.
Regulations governing the manner of written consent mentioned in the preceding paragraph, scope of business mentioned in the first subparagraph of preceding paragraph and other matters of compliance shall be set forth by the competent authority.
Insurance enterprises may be exempted from the obligation to notify as provided in Paragraph 1, Article 9 of the Personal Information Protection Act when they process and use legally collected information on the name, date of birth, ID Card number and method of contact of beneficiaries of insurance contracts for the needs of underwriting or claims operations.
Personal information on medical records, medical treatment, and health examination already collected by persons mentioned in subparagraphs of the first paragraph hereof prior to the enforcement of this article amended on 14 June 2011 may continue to be processed and used within the extent necessary to serve the specific purposes of collection.
Article 178
(Date of Enforcement)
With the exceptions of the provisions amended and promulgated on 30 May 2006, which will enter into force on 1 July 2007, and Article 177-1 amended on 14 June 2011 that will enter into force on a date as determined by the Executive Yuan. This Act shall enter into force from the date of promulgation, except that Articles 143-4~143-6 amended on January 22, 2015, Article 149 and Paragraph 4 of Article 168 herein shall enter into force as of January 1, 2016.
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