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Chapter Law Content

Part 3 Fire Safety Equipments
Chapter 4 Necessary Equipments for Fire Rescue
Section 2 Fire Water Pool
Article 185
Fire fighting pool shall be equipped pursuant to the following provisions:
1.The effective quantity of water in the pool shall meet the following requirements:
(1)For those fire water pool equipped under Article 27.1 and 27.3, at least 20m3 shall be provided for every 7,500m2 (including the last proportion less than 7,500m2) of the total floor area of the first and the second floor.
(2)For those equipped under Article 27.2, at least 20m3 shall be provided for every 12,500m2 (including the last proportion less than 12,500m2) of the total floor area.
2.The horizontal distance from any fire water pool to any part of the building shall be not more than 100m, and the effective quantity of water shall be not less than 20m3.
3.The pools shall be equipped at locations where fire-fighting cars can approach within 2m away, and convenient for pumping water.
4.The construction shall ensure the water can be effectively pumped after the inlet pipe is thrown in.
5.Throw-in holes or pumping mouth shall be equipped pursuant to the following requirements:
(1)Throw-in holes shall be squares with a side length not less than 60cm, or circles with a diameter not less than 60cm, and covered by iron covers. Where the water inside the pool is less than 80m3, at least one hole shall be equipped; where the water is not less than 80m3, at least two holes.
(2)Pumping mouths shall have a caliber of 75mm, and equipped with female screw thread. Where the water inside the pool is not less than 20m3, at least one mouth shall be equipped; not less than 40m3 but less than 120m3, at least two mouths; 120m3 ore more, at least three mouths. The matching pipe of the mouths shall have a caliber not less than 80mm, and the height above the ground shall be not less than 0.5m and not more than 1m.
The above-mentioned effective quantity of water refers to the amount when the depth of the pool is within 4.5m under the ground except that mechanic method is used to draw water.
Article 186
Where the dedicated firefighting water reservoir is equipped with a mechanical priming device, in addition to the requirements set forth in the Article 185 Subparagraph 1 Item 1 and the latter section of Item 2, the horizontal distance between any water supply connection and every section of the building structure shall be within 100 meters. The fire pump and the Water supply connection shall conform to the following:
1.Fire pump capacity and quantity of Water supply connection shall conform to the following table:
│Water Volume │Under 40 m3 │Between 40 m3 │Over 120 m3 │
│(m3) │ │and 120 m3 │ │
│Pump capacity │ 1,100 │ 2,200 │ 3,300 │
│(L/min) │ │ │ │
│Water supply │ 1 │ 2 │ 3 │
│connection │ │ │ │
│quantity (pc.) │ │ │ │
2.The total head of the fire pump shall not fall below that obtained from the following equation:
Total head = Drop height + friction loss head of piping +15 meters
H = h1 + h2 + 15 m
3.The fire pump shall be equipped with actuating device and red operating indicator near the Water supply connection. The requirement is not applicable where the pump is connected to the remote activating system of the Disaster Prevention Center, which maintains communication link with the Water supply connection.
4.The water supply connection shall be equipped with a 63-mm male quick connector, and located at a height around 0.5 meter to 1 meter above ground of base.
Article 187
Indicating of fire water pool shall comply with the following provisions:
1.Throw-in holes for inlet water pipe shall be marked with “Fire Water Pool”.
2.Pumping mouths shall be marked with “Pumping mouth” or “Pumping Mouth of Fire Water Pool”.
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