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Chapter Law Content

Title: Volunteer Service Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1
This Act is enacted to integrate the human resource of the society, and effectively utilize the civil forces that are willing to
participate in volunteer service, so as to carry forward the virtue of volunteer service, promote social constructions, and
improve the life quality of the citizens.
Volunteer services shall be performed in accordance with this Act unless otherwise prescribed in other laws.
Article 2
The scope of application of this Act covers the service plans sponsored by the competent authorities or the regulating
departments of objective undertakings, or examined and deemed by them as confirmed with public interests.
The above-mentioned service plans don’t include the volunteer service plans executed solely, occasionally, or due to family
or friendship reasons.
Article 3
The terms used in this Act are defined as follows:
1. Volunteer service: various assistant services provided by the public, not at their obligations or legal liabilities but at their own
free will, and based on their heartiness, knowledge, physical ability, labor, experience, skill and time, to make contributions to
the society without aiming to acquire rewards but just aiming to improve the efficiency of public affairs and enhance the public
interests of the society.
2. Volunteer servants (hereinafter referred to as “volunteers”): those who offer volunteer service to the society.
3. Volunteer service exercisers: departments, institutions, schools, corporations, or organizations registered at the government,
which exercise volunteer service.
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