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1.Signed on February 10, 2016 Entered into force on February 10, 2016
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan)and the
Government of Belize (hereinafter referred to as the “ Parties

Desiring to further strengthen the friendly relations existing
between the two countries and of promoting technical cooperation
in public health and medical skills;

Have agreed as follows:

Article I
The Parties recognize that improving public health and medical
skills can enhance public health and medical care functions, and
people ’ s health and competitiveness, in order to ensure
national sustainable development. Under this common
understanding, the Parties will cooperate in the field of public
health and medical skills, with the Government of the Republic
of China (Taiwan)applying its medical skills and experience of
prevention and cure in public health to assist the Government of
Belize in improving the health status of the Belizean public and
in strengthening the capacity of public health systems.

Article II
Application and Scope
Each Article covered by this Agreement will apply to projects
initiated by the Parties once this Agreement has been signed.

Article III
Contents of Cooperation
1. Public health, disease prevention, clinical services, and
skills transfer are the main priorities. The preventive
activities of public health and medicine provided by public
health institutions will include, but will not be limited to
health education, disease screening, and clinical services,
planned and implemented by taking into consideration the
needs of the Government of Belize. Related policy
consultation and assistance in formulating corresponding laws
and regulations will also be provided.
2. Medical personnel capacity building:
Qualified personnel related to the field of medicine,
nursing, medical screening, nutrition, public health, and
health administration specialized in critical diseases,
principal medical specialties, health administration and/or
areas encountering difficulties in recruitment, will be
recommended by the Government of Belize for participation in
relevant training programs, building capacity in disease
prevention, cure and screening skills, community healthcare,
and health administration.
3. Construction of disease data analysis and tracking
A mechanism for tracking and managing particular diseases
will be established based on the public health structure of

Article IV
Cooperative Models
1. The Parties will discuss possible cooperative projects by
means of non-scheduled dialogues at different levels.
2. Based upon this Agreement, any subsequent document required
for any cooperative project will be done by an exchange of
letters detailing the conditions of each such project and the
obligations of the Parties.
3. For disbursements, transfers or other financial processes
relevant to implementing cooperative projects, the Parties
agree to open accounts in Belize Dollars, such accounts being
denoted by project title and operated in accordance with the
prevailing laws of Belize.
4. All funds deposited in such accounts shall be used only for
their respective cooperative projects in accordance with the
exclusion principle. The handling of any and all such
accounts shall be in compliance with the management rules and
regulations drawn up by the Parties.
5. The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)and the
Ministry of Health, Belize, designated by the Parties as
competent authorities, are jointly responsible for the
management, supervision and coordination of the
implementation of technical cooperation under this Agreement,
in order to fulfill their commitments.

Article V
Obligations of the Government of the Republic of China(Taiwan)
1. Dispatch project managers, long- and short-term experts, and
technicians with a public health and medical professional
background to Belize to carry out the described objectives.
2. Pay the salaries and medical insurance of the abovementioned
personnel during their service in Belize.
3. Defray the travel expenses of the abovementioned personnel
between the Republic of China (Taiwan)and Belize;
4. Defray the cost of machines, equipment and supplies provided
by the Republic of China (Taiwan)needed for the relevant
technical cooperation.

Article VI
Obligations of the Government of Belize
1. Provide necessary human and material resources to support
project implementation and pay the salaries and allowances of
the project personnel from Belize.
2. Complying with the prevailing laws of Belize, exempt from all
import, customs and other duties and taxes as well as import
licensing inspection procedures on the machines, equipment
and vehicles relevant to the cooperative projects, and pay
for the customs clearance, storage and transportation of such
3. Provide office space appropriate for each project.
4. Provide residential space with furniture, water and power for
the project manager.
5. Adopt appropriate measures to ensure the personal safety of,
and make emergency medical care and first aid readily
available to, the project personnel dispatched by the
Republic of China (Taiwan).
6. Per the needs of the implementation of cooperative projects,
grant the project personnel dispatched by the Republic of
China (Taiwan)and their dependents the following treatments
during their service in Belize:
(1)The facilitation of visa applications, entry into,
departure from and residence in Belize, and the issuance of
appropriate identification documents;
(2)Exemption from all residential and local taxes, and income
tax on salaries;
(3)Exemption from all importation and customs taxes and other
duties on personal and household goods imported from
(4)Granting of privileges, conveniences and exemptions the
same as that Belize accords the personnel of specialized
agencies of the United Nations, as well as exemptions on
sales tax and taxes incurred on any transfers of property.

Article VII
Utilization of Information and Confidentiality
1. Information relating to the projects under this Agreement
shall not be disclosed without the prior written approval of
the other party.
2. The dissemination and utilization of information, and the
management and exercise of intellectual property rights,
related to the projects under this Agreement, shall be
governed by separate agreements.
3. Neither the termination nor expiration of this Agreement will
invalidate any confidentiality obligations regulated herein.

Article VIII
Dispute Resolution
All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement
will be settled through negotiation by the Parties in good

Article IX
Entry into Force, Amendment and Termination
1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of
signature and remain effective for five years, and will
automatically be extended for successive periods of the same
duration of validity upon its expiration.
2. Any amendment to this Agreement shall be done by the mutual
written consent of the Parties.
3. This Agreement may be terminated by either Party with a
notice in writing, with such termination becoming effective
after six months of such notice.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized by
their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Belize, on the tenth day of February, two
thousand and fifteen, in the Chinese and English languages, both
texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of For the Government of
the Republic of China Belize
__________________ __________________
H.E. Benjamin Ho Hon. Pablo Marin

Ambassador Minister of Health
Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary to