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1.Signed on December 06, 2019 Entered into force on December 06, 2019
1. Introduction
1.1 This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) expresses the
understanding of the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board of
the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Air Accidents
Investigation Branch of the United Kingdom, hereafter
referred to as the Participants to this MOU, concerning
cooperation and assistance in the field of civil aircraft
accident and serious incident investigations.
1.2 It is recognized that both Taiwan and the UK are
Participants to the Convention on International Civil
Aviation (The Chicago Convention) and that they have
therefore agreed to act in accordance with the Standards and
Recommended Practices contained in Annex 13 to the
Convention (Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation),
as amended from time to time. Both Participants will advise
each other of any differences filed between their national
regulations and the Standards in Annex 13.
1.3 Both Participants to this MoU are authorised by their
respective Governments to act as their national authority in
respect of civil aircraft accident investigation matters.
1.4 Both Participants are committed to enhancing the
capabilities of their respective organisations and to
sharing knowledge and experience related to the conduct of
effective investigations. They recognise a common interest
in establishing a long-lasting framework of cooperation in
accident investigation.
1.5 This MoU outlines the procedural arrangements for
cooperation and assistance between the Participants pursuant
to Annex 13.
1.6 This Memorandum of Understanding will replace the Memorandum
of Understanding between the Aviation Safety Council of the
Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Air Accidents
Investigation Branch of the United Kingdom signed on October
23rd, 2006.
2. Terminology
2.1 The words and phrases used in this document have the same
meaning as that ascribed to them in Annex 13.
3. Purpose
3.1 The singular objective of this MoU is the improvement of
aviation safety. The Participants reaffirm that the sole
purpose of investigating accidents or serious incidents in
accordance with Annex 13 is the prevention of accidents and
serious incidents, without apportioning blame or liability.
4. Code of conduct
4.1 This MoU serves to foster cooperation and mutual assistance
between the Participants in implementing the provisions of
Annex 13. Each Participant will strive to overcome any
challenges that may arise due to differences in language,
national culture, legislative system or geographic location.
5. Scope of cooperation
5.1 The Participants will establish lines of communication and
maintain regular contact to improve understanding of the
investigation capabilities of the other Participant, as well
as the scope and extent of any assistance that could be
provided under given conditions. Visits and meetings may be
arranged to exchange experiences, expertise and knowledge.
5.2 The Participants will cooperate in the investigation of
aircraft accidents and serious incidents, in accordance with
the Standards and Recommended Practices of Annex 13. On
request, each Participant will provide such assistance as it
deems appropriate and as resources permit. This may include
the use of safety investigation facilities, the provision of
equipment and deployment of personnel.
5.3 The Participants will cooperate in the provision of training
and exchange of technical knowledge, relevant to the purpose
of this MoU. This may include opportunities to attend, as an
Observer, an investigation being conducted in the other
Participant ’ s State, to the extent permitted by the
applicable regulations.
5.4 The Participants may establish additional areas of
cooperation by mutual consent during the term of this MoU.
6. Confidentiality
6.1 Any materials received, including drafts and internal or
working documents, will be handled in accordance with the
requirements of Annex 13 and the respective domestic laws of
the Participants, taking into account the confidentiality or
proprietary status of the material. Where a contradictory
requirement exists, the Participants will use their best
endeavours to apply the most restrictive requirement of the
two regimes, insofar as they are permitted to do so by law.
7. Coordination
7.1 The points of contact for the administration of this MoU
│Mr. Wen-huan Chang │Mr. Nicholas Dann │
│Chief Investigator, │International │
│Aviation Occurrence │Manager │
│Investigation Division │ │
│Taiwan Transportation │Air Accidents │
│Safety Board │Investigation │
│ │Branch │
│11F, No.200, Sec. 3, │Farnborough House │
│Beixin Rd. Xindian │Berkshire Copse │
│Dist. │Road Aldershot │
│231 New Taipei City │Hampshire │
│Taiwan, R.O.C │GU11 2HH │
│ │UK │
│+886-2-89127388 │+44 (0)1252 │
│ │510300 │
│ │ │
7.2 In the event of an accident or serious incident, the 24-hour
points of contact for notification or requesting assistance
│TTSB Duty Officer │AAIB 24-hour │
│notification line │accident line │
│+886-935628217 │+44(0)1252 512299 │
8. Financial Matters
8.1 Unless otherwise arranged, each Participant will bear its
own cost for the implementation of the matters set out in
this MoU.
9. Amendment
9.1 This MoU may be amended in writing at any time by mutual
consent of the Participants.
10. Duration
10.1 This MoU will come into effect on the date of signing and
will remain in force for a period of five years, unless
either Participant terminates it sooner through written
notification to the other Participant.

In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorised there
to have signed this MoU.

Done in duplicate at Taipei on the 6th day of December of 2019
in the English language.

For the Taiwan For the Air Accidents
Transportation Safety Investigation Branch
Board United Kingdom
___________________ ___________________
Wen-Lin Guan J C M Orr
Managing Director Chief Inspector of Air