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1.Singend on March 1 and April 2, 1990; Entered into force on July 2, 1990.
The undersigned, by virtue of the authority vested in them, have
concluded the following Agreement.

Article 1 Purpose of the Agreement
This agreement shall govern the exchange of international Expre-
ss Mail between Barbados and the Postal Administration of Taiwan

Article 2 Definitions
As used herein the following terms shall have the indicated mea-
1.Administration -- an abbreviated form used to refer to one of
the postal administrations of the countries signatory to this
2.Articles and sections -- articles and sections of this Agreem-
ent, except when the cont4ext indicated an article which is or
can be inserted into an item;
3.Convention -- the Universal Postal Convention adopted by the
Conress of the Universal Postal Union from time to time;
4.Detailed Regulations of the Convertion -- the Detailed Regula-
tions of the Universal Postal Convention enacted by the Congr-
ess of the Universal Postal Union from time to time;
5.International Express mail service -- the service established
by this Agreement;
6.Scheduled service -- an International Express mail service op-
tion which allows a sender to enter into a contractual arrang-
ement to mail items on a dessignated schedule to designated a-
7.On-demand service -- an international Express Mail service op-
tion which allows a sender to mail an item on a non - contrac-
tual basis and without any requirments for scheduling or prior
designation of addressee.

Article 3 Scheduled Service
1.Each administration shall offer scheduled service on a contra-
ctual basis to customers who agree to use the service on a de-
signated schedule to send items to designated addressees.
2.Each administration shall provide the other administration wi-
th a schedule of approximate delivery times to each city or o-
ther location to which scheduled service is available, based
upon the time schedules of the international flights used to
carry scheduled itmes.
3.For each scheduled service contract, the administration of or-
igin shall provide the administration of destination with the
following information at least ten days prior to commencing s-
ervice pursuant to such contract:
(i) The identification number of the customer contract, which n-
umber shall be indicated on each item sent;
(ii) the names and addresses of the sender and designated addre-
(iii) the days of the week designated by the customer as schedu-
led dispatch days;
(iv) the time of day delivery is requested;and
(v) the airline and flight number to be used.
4.The administration of origin shall notify the administration
of destinetion of any changes in the information referred to
in Section 3 of this Article.

Articlel 4 On - Demand Service
1.Each administration may offer on - demand service which shall
be available to customers on a non - scheduled basis.
2.Each administration shall provide the other administration wi-
th a list of the cities and other locations to which on - dem-
and service is available.
3.Each administration shall provide the other administration wi-
th a schedule of approximate delivery times to each city of o-
ther location to which on - demand service is available, based
upon the time schedules of the international flights used to
carry on - demand items.
4.Each administration shall inform the other administration of
all identification marks or numbers which it uses for each on
- demand item.
5.The administration of origin is not required to provide the a-
dministration of destination with notice prior to sending an
on - demand item.

Article 5 Charges to be Collected from the Sender
Each administration shall fix the charges to be collected from
its senders for sending items in the service.

Article 6 Charges and Fees to be
Collected From the Addressee Each administration shall be autho-
rized to collect from the addressee the customs duty and other
applicable non - postal fees, if any, payable on each item it d-
elivers and a charge for the collection of such fees.

Article 7 Conditions of Acceptance
Provided that the contents do not come within the prohibitions
listed in Article 8, each item to be admitted into the Internat-
ional Express Mail Service shall:
(a) be packed in a manner adapted to the nature of the contents
and the conditions of transport;
(b) bear the names and adresses of the addressee and of the sen-
(c) satisfy the conditions of weight and size fixed by Article 9

Article 8 Prohibitions
1.The provisions of the Convention governing prohibitions shall
be applicable to the insertion of articles in International E-
xpress Mail items.
2.Each administration shall communicate to the other the necess-
ary information concerning customs or other regulations, as w-
ell as the prohibitions or restrictions governing entry of po-
stal items in its service.

Article 9 Limits of Size and Weight
An item of International Express Mail:
(a) shall not exceed 900 millimeters for any one dimension nor 2
meters for the sum of the length and the greatest circumfer-
ence measured in a direction other than that of the length;
(b) shall not exceed 20 kilograms in weight.

Article 10 Treatment of Items
Wrongly Accepted
1.When an item containing an article prohibited under Article 8
has been wrongly admitted to the post, the prohibited article
shall be dealt with according to the legislation of the count-
ry of the administration establishing its presence.
2.When the weight or the dimensions of an item exceed the limits
established under Article 9, it shall be returned to the admi-
nistration of origin if the regulations of the administration
of destination do not permit delivery.
3.When a wrongly admitted item is neither delivered to the addr-
essee nor returned to origin, the admihistration of origin sh-
all be informed how the item has been dealt with and of the r-
estriction or prohibition which required such treatment.

Article 11 General Rules for Delivery and Customs Clearance
1.Each administration shall,in accordance with its regulations
for the type of service used, make every effort to effect del-
ivery of each item of International Express Mail by the faste-
st means available,
2.Each administration shall make every effort to expedite the c-
ustoms clearance of International Express Mail items.

Article 12 Undeliverable Items
1.After every reasonable effort to delivery an item has proven
unsuccessful,the item shall be held at the disposal of the ad-
dressee for the period of retention provided by the regulatio-
ns of the administration of destination.
2.An item, refused by the addressee shall be returned immediate-
ly to the administration of origin.
3.Each undeliverable item shall be returned to the administrati-
on of origin through the International Ex- press Mail service.
4.Neither administration shall charge the other for the return
of undeliverable items.

Article 13 Items Arriving Out of
Course and to be Redirected
1.Each item arriving out of course shall be redirected to its p-
roper destination by the most direct route used by the admini-
stration which has received the item.
2.Neither administration shall charge the other for the redirec-
tion of items arriving out of coures.

Article 14 Inquiries
1.Each administration shall answer in the shortest possible time
,not to exceed one month, inquiries relating to any Internati-
onal Express Mail item posted by the other administration.
2.Inquiries shall be accepted only within a period of four mont-
hs from the date after that on which the item was posted.
This article does not authorize routine requests for confirmati-
on of de- livery:

Article 15 Allocation of Surface Costs for Traffic Imbalances
1.At the end of each calendar year,the administration which has
received a larger quantity of International Express Mail items
than it has sent during that year shall have the right to col-
lect from the other administration, as compensation,an imbala-
nce charge for the surface handling and delivery costs it has
incurred for each additional item received.
2.Each administration shall establish an imbalance charge per i-
tem which shall correspond to the costs of services.
3.Modifications of the imbalance charge may be made as follows:
(a) Eeeh administration may incnass its imbalance charge when s-
uch an increase is necessary due to an increase in the costs
of services.
(b) To be applicable, any such modification of the imbalance ch-
arge must:
(i) be communicated to the other administration at least three
months in advance;
(ii) remain in force for at least one year.
4.No imbalance charge shall be collected unless the number of i-
tems received exceeds the number of items sent by 5%.

Article 16 Internal Air Conveyance
Each administration which provides air conveyance of items with-
]in its country shall be entitled to reimbursement of internal
air conveyance dues at rates established in the provisions of t-
he Convention which govern internal air conveyance dues.

Article 17 Onward Air Conveyance
1.Each administration shall provide onward air conveyance servi-
ce to or from any country with which it exchanges Internation-
al Express Mail items, for items addressed to or originating
in the other administration and shall provide approximate onw-
ard air conveyance times .
2.For each item forwarded pursuant to this article, the adminis-
tration providing onward air conveyance services shall be aut-
horized to collect from the other administration the onward a-
ir conveyance rates applicable to airmail under the Conventio-

Aiticle 18 No Additional Rates, Charges, or Fees
The administrations may collect only the rates, charges,and fees
established under this Agreement.

Article 19 Liability of Administrations
Each administration shall establish its own policy concerning l-
iability in cases of loss, damage , theft or delay in delivery
of International Express Mail items.The administration of origin
shall be responsible for making indemnity payments,if any, to i-
ts senders, without recourse to the other administration.

Article 20 Application of the Convention
The Convention or its Detailed Regulations shall be applicable,
where ap- propriate,by analogy, in all eases not expressly gove-
rned by this Agreement or its Detailed Regulations.

Article 21 Detailed Regulations
Details of implementation of this Agreement shall be governed by
its Detailed Regulations.

Article 22 Arbitration
Any dispute which arises between the administrations concerning
the, interpretation or application of this Agreement which cann-
ot be resolved by the administrations to their mutual satisfact-
ion, shall be settled by arbitration, following the arbitration
procedures of the Universal Postal Union at the time that the d-
ispute is submitted by an administration for arbitration. The a-
rbitrators shall be chosen from the administrations which provi-
de a service analogous to International Express Mail Service.

Article 23 Alterations or Amendments; Additional Rules and Regu-
1.This Agreement or its Detailed Regulations may be altered or
amended by mutual consent by means of correspondence between
officials of each administration who have been authorized to
make such alterations or amendments.
2.Each administration is authorized to adopt implementing rules
and regulations for its internal operation of the service not
inconsistent with this Agreement or its Detailed Regulations.

Article 24 Entry into Force and Duration
1.This Agreement shall enter into force on the date mutually ag-
reed upon by the administrations, after it is signed by the a-
uthorized representatives of both administrations.
2.This Agreement shall expire twelve months after either admini-
stration notifies the other in writing of termination.
Done in duplicate and signed at Bridgetown on the Ist day of Ma-
rch, 1990 and at Taipei on the 2nd day of April, 1990.

Postmaster General
Hosheng Hsia
Postmaster General