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1.Signed on September 17, 2013 Signed on September 13, 2013 Entered into force on September 17, 2013
In light of the importance of international cooperation on
intellectual property in supporting the development of industry,
technology and the economy;

Desiring to take into account the need to promote effective and
adequate protection of intellectual property rights as
acknowledged in the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of
Intellectual Property Rights (“ TRIPS ” );

Understanding that intellectual property rights (“ IPR ” )as
referred to in this Memorandum of Understanding, include any and
all those rights covered by TRIPS but excluding rights related
to the protection of plant varieties;

The Taipei Representative Office in the UK and the British Trade
and Cultural Office, Taipei (hereinafter referred to as “ the
TRO ” and “ the BTCO ” ), acting on behalf of the relevant
authorities in Taiwan and the United Kingdom respectively,
hereby have reached the following understandings to establish
the following arrangements:

Paragraph 1
The relevant authorities of both sides will exchange views on
international IP related issues, such as internet piracy, patent
law harmonization, and issues discussed at WTO, WIPO and other
international fora.

Paragraph 2
The relevant authorities of both sides will exchange information
on changes made to IPR legislation and to their operational
practices under that legislation, and on notable developments in
case laws, in English where possible.

Paragraph 3
The relevant authorities of both sides will exchange official
IPR publications including periodicals gazettes and pamphlets,
in English where possible.

Paragraph 4
Subject to the availability of resources, the relevant
authorities of both sides will consider the feasibility of
extending cooperation in areas of mutual interest through a
joint workplan.

Paragraph 5
This Memorandum of Understanding will come into effect on the
date of the last signature.

Either side may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding by
giving the other side six months written notice. This Memorandum
of Understanding may be amended on the joint decision of the TRO
and the BTCO in writing.

Signed in duplicate in the Chinese and English languages, both
texts having equal validity.

For the Taipei For the British Trade and
Representative Office in Cultural
the UK Office, Taipei

Dr. Shen Lyushun Chris Wood
Representative Director

Place: London Place: Taipei
Date: Sept. 17, 2013 Date: Sept. 13, 2013