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Abolished Date: 2016-01-19
1.Signed on January 19, 2010; Entered into Force on January 19, 2010.
AND TRADE OFFICE (IETO) (hereinafter referred to as
“the Parties”)

Wish to set forth, in a written cooperation plan, the terms and
conditions by which they will associate themselves in the
Cooperation Partnership (“ Partnership ” );

In accordance with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
spirit and norms of the Agreement on Agricultural Technical
Cooperation signed between the Taipei Economic and Trade Office
(TETO) and Indonesia Economic and Trade Office (IETO) in 2006,
the Parties agree to co-execute and operate plan for developing
and modernizing the OVOP Agribusiness/Agro-Industries of the
Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs);

In consideration of the promises contained in this Cooperation
Plan, the Parties affirm in writing their association as a
partnership in accordance with the following provisions:

1. Purpose
a. Promoting the co-operations Agribusiness and the
development of Cooperative and SMEs.
b. Promoting the mutual consultations, exchange of technical
experiences and knowledge in the fields of OVOP Agribusiness
and Cooperative and SMEs.

2. Domain of Cooperation
a. Developing the agricultural and horticultural products with
high economic value.
b. Human resources development for Agribusiness.

3. Location of Cooperation
The areas which have potential to develop the commodities
with high economic values and OVOP.

4. Mode of Cooperation
a. Set Agribusiness Development Center at the areas which have
potential to develop the commodities with high economic
values and OVOP for demonstration and development farm,
education center, processing product, the logistic warehouse
b. Assist and develop the commodities with high economic values
, demonstration, promotion and production guidance.
c. Conduct training for farmer group and co-operatives;
establish strategies for marketing, storage and distribution
for various products.
d. Set up training for agribusiness talented person.
e. Support OVOP Agribusiness business activities, technician
training course, workshop and visiting.

5. Mechanism
a. To dispatch experts from Taiwan International Cooperation
and Development Fund (ICDF) to the location to execute the
Plan from the effective date of the cooperation agreement.
b. To establish the model of OVOP Agribusiness cooperative and
SMEs in the area which have high potential product value by
the Parties.

6. Right and Obligations
a. Taiwan-ICDF will dispatch expert(s)/specialist(s) to execute
the plan, and provide production material for the first crop
. Taiwan-ICDF expert(s)/specialist(s) will also provide
marketing counseling.
b. Indonesia will provide Agribusiness Development Center as
office, demonstration farm and counterpart’s staff to
Taiwan ICDF.

7. Consultation and Reviews Conference
The parties should depend on the following provisions, hold
consultation, and review conference every year at least,
a. Review and report the progress of the action plan.
b. Coordination of any project revision.

8. Disputes Solution
Any disputes of views and disputes from executing the
Cooperation Plan should be settled by the Parties based on
the spirit of “Agreement on Agricultural Technical
Cooperation” signed between the Taipei Economic and Trade
Office (TETO) and Indonesia Economic and Trade Office (IETO)
in 2006.
9. Effectiveness, Revisions and Termination
a. This Cooperation Plan shall come into effect on the date of
signature, and shall remain in effect for 6 years.
b. Any revision of this Cooperation Plan shall be consulted,
confirmed and agreed bilaterally.
c. This Cooperation Plan may be terminated at any time by
either Party by giving six month prior notice in writing.

In Witness Whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized
thereto, have signed this Cooperation Plan.
Sign in 2010 on January 19 in Taipei in the English language.

Andrew L.Y. Hsia Suhartono
(Representative) (Representative)
For and on behalf For and on behalf
Taipei Economic and Indonesia Economic and
Trade Office Trade Office