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1.Signed on August 12, 2019 Entered into force on August 12, 2019
The Taipei Economic and Trade Office Jakarta, Indonesia (TETO)
and the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei (IETO),
hereinafter collectively referred to as "the PARTIES",

Desiring to cooperate in the field of economic and trade
matters, and to promote graduate studies under scholarship
program in Taiwan,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1 Scope of Works
To enhance mutual understanding and to strengthen bilateral
economic and trade relations between the PARTIES, the TETO
agrees to provide scholarship in every year for up to 2 (two)
scholarship nominees which have been nominated by the IETO to
join graduate program in Taiwan in the field of economic and
trade matters, for purpose of professional training and
development of human resource capacity.

Article 2 Right and Obligation
(1) The TETO shall inform the IETO, in the beginning of every
year at the latest of the end of January, a list of graduate
program in English language which offered by universities in
(2) The IETO shall nominate up to 2 (two) scholarship nominees
to the TETO by the end of February to be considered to
receive scholarship.
(3) The IETO shall instruct the scholarship nominees to apply by
themselves to the listed graduate program.
(4) The IETO shall issue the official recommendation letters
under the name of scholarship nominees.
(5) After receiving the scholarship application documents and
the official recommendation letters from the IETO, the TETO
shall issue its official recommendation letter to each of
the scholarship nominees, including asking those
universities render assistance on residence arrangement to
the scholarship nominees during their study.
(6) The awarded scholarship shall be provided by the TETO once
the scholarship nominees receive letter of acceptance from
universities in Taiwan.
(7) In certain condition, the IETO may replace the scholarship
nominees at the latest of the end of March.
(8) The TETO shall review the nomination submitted by the IETO
and then grant scholarship up to 2 (two) nominees. The
coverage of the scholarship shall be subjects to the terms
of “ Taiwan Scholarship Program Directions ”. The
financial support offered by the scholarship shall be paid
to the nominees directly during their study in Taiwan.
(9) In situation where scholarship nominees apply to university
out of list of graduate programs which have been provided
then the difference of tuition fee shall be paid by
scholarship nominees.
(10) The IETO have the obligations to create official record per
semester on the acceptance of financial support from the
TETO, to provide round-trip air tickets for scholarship
nominees, and to instruct scholarship nominees to make a
progress report per semester to the PARTIES.

Article 3 Settlement of Disputes
Any dispute arising from interpretation or implementation of
this Cooperation Agreement shall be settled by consultation or
negotiation between the PARTIES.

Article 4 Final Provisions
1. This Cooperation Agreement shall enter into force upon
signature of the PARTIES and shall remain in effect for a
period of 5 (five) years from that date.
2. This Cooperation Agreement may be amended at any time by
mutual agreement between the PARTIES. The process of
amendment shall be based on the bilateral consultative
discussion and written communication.
3. Before the expiry of this Cooperation Agreement, the PARTIES
shall conduct a review and agree to, with mutual consent, any
possible extension of this Cooperation Agreement.
4. One Party may notify the other Party in writing of its
intention to terminate this Cooperation Agreement. This
Cooperation Agreement shall be terminated 6 (six) months
after the date of submission of said notification.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized
thereto, have signed this Cooperation Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Jarkata, Indonedia on the 12th Day of
August in the Year of 2019 in the Chinese, Indonesian and
English languages, with all texts being equally authentic. In
case of divergent interpretation, the English text shall

For the Taipei Economic For the Indonesian Economic
and Trade Office, and Trade Office to
Jakarta, Indonesia Taipei
__________________________ ______________________________
John C. Chen Didi Sumedi