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1.Signed on June 06, 2019 Entered into force on June 06, 2019
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Government of the Republic of Palau agree to add a new
paragraph, namely Paragraph 4, of the Annex to the Agreement
between the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Government of the Republic of Palau Relating to Air Services
signed on December 2, 1999 as follows:

“4. Codesharing Arrangements
(1) In operating the agreed services on the specified routes,
any designated airline(s) of one Contracting Party may enter
into cooperative marketing arrangements such as joint
venture, blocked space or code share arrangements, with:

a. an airline or airlines designated by either Contracting
Party; and
b. an airline or airlines of a third country, provided that
such third country authorizes or allows comparable
arrangements between the designated airlines of the other
Contracting Party and other airlines on services to, from
and via the territory of such third country;

provided that all airlines in such arrangements hold the
appropriate authority and meet the requirements normally applied
to such arrangements.

(2) The Contracting Parties agree to take the necessary action
to ensure that consumers are fully informed and protected
with respect to codeshared flights operating to or from
their territory and that, as a minimum, passengers be
provided with the necessary information in the following
a. orally and, if possible, in writing at the time of booking;
b. in written form, on the ticket itself and/or, on the
itinerary document accompanying the ticket or on any other
document replacing the ticket, such as a written
confirmation, including information on whom to contact in
case of a problem and a clear indication of which airline is
responsible in case of damage or accident; and
c. orally again, by the airline ’ s ground staff at all
stages of the journey.
(3) The airlines are required to file for approval any proposed
cooperative arrangement with both Contracting Parties before
its proposed introduction. ”

This Amendment shall come into force on the later date of
signing by both Contracting Parties.

___________________ ___________________
Lin, Chia-Lung Charles I. Obichang
Minister of Minister of Public
Transportation & Infrastructure
Communications Industries and

Date: 6 June, 2019 Date: June 6, 2019
Place: Taipei Place: KOROR
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