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1.Signed on September 7, 1996; Entered into force on September 7, 1996.
Recognizing the demand for the international free flow of goods
and the need to effectively respond to requests for the registr-
ation of quality assurance systems, this Memorandum of Understa-
nding between the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine
(BCIQ) and Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) con-
cerns arrangements between BCIQ and PSB to facilitate the proce-
ss of assessing quality assurance systems for companies seeking
registration primarily in Taiwan, R.O.C. and in Singapore.
1.The undersigned parties:
(a) undertake to offer their services to evaluate organization's
quality systems on the basis of ISO 9000, QS 9000 and ISO 14
000 series of standards.
(b) intend to implement equivalent procedures for carrying out
quality audits, for the qualification of auditors, for the
certification and surveillance of an organization's quality
system, these procedures being described in documents to be
mutually exchanged, based on ISO/IEC Guide 62 and ISO 10011
Parts 1, 2 and 3.
2.Each of the parties undertakes:
(a) to transmit regularly to the other party for information an
updated list of the quality system certificates it has issu-
(b) to mention the present MOU in the promotional documents of
its certification system.
(c) to cooperate if an organization located in one country wish-
es to obtain the certificate issued by the party of its cou-
ntry as well as the one issued by the party of the other co-
untry. In this case, arrangements for carrying out the qual-
ity audit, issuing certificates and surveillance of this or-
ganization's quality system shall be agreed by the two part-
ies and this organization.
(d) to use English in all communications between the parties.
(e) to provide the other party within a reasonable time with any
significant changes occurring in its own quality system cer-
tification procedures.
(f) to maintain contact with the other party to ensure the smoo-
th application of this MOU. Representatives of both parties
will meet periodically to review its operations and find so-
lutions to problems which may have arisen.
3.This MOU does not automatically indicate acceptance of agreem-
ent entered into by the other party with other certification
4.The present MOU has been drawn up in English.
5.Either party agrees not to disclose to any third-party confid-
ential information that may be imparted from one party to the
other without the written consent of the party finalizing the
confidential information.
6.Except for the duty of confidentiality as set out in Para 5,
this Memorandum of Understanding shall not create any legal b-
inding relationship or obligations between either parties.
7.The MOU may be revised by written agreement between BCIQ and
PSB and may be terminated by either organization upon 90 days
of written notice.

Taipei, September 2, 1996 Singapore, September 7, 1996
Signed by: Signed by:
for and on behalf of for and on behalf of
Bureau of Commodity Inspection Singapore Productivity and
and Quarantine of the Republic Standards Board
of China
[Signed] [Signed]
Director General Chief Executive
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