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1.Signed on May 7, 1985; Entered into force on May 7, 1985.
The National Science Council of the Republic of China (hereinaf-
ter referred to as NCS) and the National Fund for Scientific Re-
seatch of Belgium (hereinafter referred to as NFWO-FNRS), with a
view to developing scientific relations between their two inst-
itutions, agreed to start the implementation of scientific coo-
peration by the exchange of scientists.
1 The scope of this program covers all recognized branches of s-
cience within their respective competences.
2 Activities within the approved subject matter areas may inclu-
2.1 individual visits, exchange of scientific personnel and fe-
2.2 joint seminars and workshops;
2.3 joint research;
2.4 other activities may be added by mutual agreement.
3 This agreement is undertaken to facilitate pursuit of the sc-
ientific objectives of each party. Its financial terms are ba-
sed on a general mutuality of interest, not strict reciprocity
Accordingly each party shall bear the costs of its own partic-
ipation in the program, unless agreed otherwise. The particip-
ation of each party shall be subject to the availability of f-
4 In accordance with the standard procedures and regulations g-
overning the NSC and NFWO-FNRS, each party shall inform the s-
cientific community in its own country of the opportunities f-
or cooperation made possible by the program.
5 Scientific and technical information derived from activities
under this agreement shall be made available to the internati-
onal scientific community through customary channels and in a-
ccordance with normal scientific procedures.
6 Each party will prepare an annual report on the program in ti-
mely fashion according to its own fiscal year system and prov-
ide a copy to its counterpart.
The parties agreed to hold meetings of consultation and review
periodically or when appropriate.
7 Administrative matters and further datails in relation to the
implementation of this program will be dealt with by the exch-
ange of letters between the two parties.
8 This agreement will be in force from May seventh, 1985, and w-
ill be reviewed every three years. It will continue to be val-
id until either party notifies the other of its intention to
terminate the agreement, in which case any existing program w-
ill be brought to an orderly conclusion. This notification sh-
all be made at least one year in advance of the termination of
the agreement.
9 This agreement is documented in English in two original copi-
Done at NSC this seventh day of May, 1985.

For the National Science
Council of the Republic
of China
Dr. Li-An Chen

For the National Fund
for Scientific Research
(NFWO/FNRS) of Belgium
Prof. Pierre De Somer
Vice President

* Country with which the Republic of China has no diplomatic re-
* 與我國無外交關係之國家
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