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1.Signed on October 4, 1995; Entered into force on October 4, 1995.
The Czech Agency for Foreign Investment - CzechInvest and Indus-
trial Development and Investment Center (IDIC), hereinafter ref-
erred to as " Contracting Parties" , recognising that the devel-
opment of industries in and trade between the Czech Republic and
Republic of China on Taiwan are a continuing concern of both Co-
ntracting Parties, and being aware that each Contracting Party
is willing to promote more favourable conditions for greater co-
operation between partners in the two respective countries,
both Parties
hereby agree to co-operative in the fields of technology transf-
er and invesment between industries of the Czech Republic and t-
he Republic of China on Taiwan based on the principles of equity
, non discrimination and mutual benefit within the scope of the-
ir responsibilities in the following manner:
1.Investment and technological development between Czech and Ta-
iwanese companies are to be promoted through the exchange of
information, assistance to the potential direct investment in-
to the Czech Republic and the Republic of China on Taiwan, es-
tablishing of joint ventures etc., by utilising the informati-
on resources of both Contracting Parties on the activities of
private companies in their areas.
2.Both parties will respectively encourage and assist their fir-
ms to set up production facilities in the territory of the ot-
her party.
3.Both parties will assist and promote the visits of investment
missions between the Czech Republic and the Republic of China
on Taiwan, and take notice to extend co-operation and assista-
nce recommended by the other party.
4.A framework is to be established between the Contracting Part-
ies to discuss the most effective means by which to execute t-
he types of co-operation outlined herein in a manner consiste-
nt with their objectives.
5.While both Contracting Parties will endeavour to promote the
types of co-operation arising from this agreement for the ben-
efit of companies in both the Czech Republic and the Republic
of China on Taiwan, it is understood that this does not exclu-
de either of the two Contracting Parties from entering into s-
imilar agreements with any other party or parties.
6.Both parties are fully aware of the fact that any decision ma-
de by residents and companies of the private sector from both
territories in favour of the said facilities mentioned above
is exclusively the result of a private business initiative, a-
nd both parties do not take any legal responsibility in this
7.Neither Contracting Party shall have any financial obligation
towards others except for the reimbursement of expenses relat-
ing to specific actions mutually agreed upon.
8.Both Contracting Parties retain the right to terminate this a-
greement with one month's written advance notice whenever eit-
her or both of them deem it necessary.
9.This Agreement comes into force on 4, Oct. 1995 (the signing
day). It will be in effect for initial period of 2 (two) years
and will be reviewed by both Contracting Parties every year.
Hence it will be automatically extended on annual basis unless
determined otherwise by the Contracting Parties.
This agreement is done in two copies, each of them having the s-
ame validity.

Dated: 4, October 1995

for for
CzechInvest, Prague IDIC, Taipei

[Signed] [Signed]
Jan Havelka Chen Yung-hsiang
General Manager Director General
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