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1.Signed on July 02, 2019 Entered into force on July 02, 2019
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Government of Belize (hereinafter referred to individually as a
“ Party ” and collectively as the “ Parties ” );

Wishing to advance both nations ’ ability to effectively
prevent and combat corruption;

Showing concern for the need to develop clean governance and to
prevent corruption and crime at a transnational level; and

Acting on the principles of equality and reciprocity;

Hereby agree to the following:

Article 1
Competent Authorities
1.1 The competent authorities implementing this Agreement are:
(a) The Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of Justice, Republic
of China (Taiwan); and
(b) The Attorney General ’ s Ministry, Office of the Solicitor
General, Belize.
1.2 The Parties shall actively engage in exchange activities and
co-operation in accordance with their respective domestic laws,
as set out in the provisions of this Agreement and as required
by their official responsibilities and functions.

Article 2
The Parties shall develop co-operation on clean governance and
combat transnational crime in accordance with the framework set
out under this Agreement.

Article 3
Scope of Co-operation
The Parties agree to explore possibilities for co-operation in
the following areas:
(a) Mutual visits and exchanges of personnel;
(b) The exchange of personnel for the purposes of study and
(c) Training in the specialized skills required by
anticorruption personnel;
(d) Work experience exchanges and technical assistance;
(e) The sharing and exchange of data and intelligence regarding
clean governance and law enforcement;
(f) Co-operation in combating transnational corruption and
(g) The implementation of co-operation in other matters agreed
upon by the Parties.

Article 4
Forms of Co-operation
To implement this Agreement effectively, the Parties shall
co-operate by the following methods:
(a) Mutual official visits; (b) Inviting personnel to
participate in training programs;
(c) Providing consultations on law enforcement skills;
(d) Protecting any information provided by the other Party
pursuant to this Agreement from unauthorized disclosure;
(e) Combating transnational corruption and crime by engaging in
timely exchanges of information, co-operating on
investigations, and conducting coordinated operations, among
other things.

Article 5
Settlement of Disputes
Any dispute arising out of the interpretation or implementation
of this Agreement shall be settled amicably through consultation
of negotiation between the Parties.

Article 6
Relation of this Agreement to other International Instruments
This Agreement shall not prejudice the rights and obligations
arising from other international instruments to which either
country is party to.

Article 7
The expenses incurred in the implementation of this Agreement
shall be borne by the respective Party, unless otherwise agreed
upon by the Parties.

Article 8
The competent authorities, in the course of their co-operation
in accordance with this Agreement, will use English as the
medium of communication.

Article 9
Entry into Force, Termination, and Amendment
9.1 This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of
9.2 This Agreement shall continue to remain effective unless
either Party chooses to terminate it, giving six months written
notice to the other Party in advance.
9.3 This Agreement may be amended by mutual consultation between
the Parties.

In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorized by
their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

Done in duplicate at Taipei, on the second day of July, two
thousand and nineteen, in the Chinese and English languages,
both texts being equally authentic.

For the government of For the government of
the Republic of China Belize

__________________ __________________
Tsai, Ching-hsiang Honourable Michael

Minister of Justice Attorney General of
Belize and Minister of
Legal Affairs
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